How to Make Your Stag Party to Stand Out

A successful Stag Do party is what everyone looks forward. However, it does not come in a silver platter. Dedication and proper planning will make whole event to be a success. There are several things one needs to do right to guarantee a successful stag party.

You can put into consideration such factors in order to have the best Stag party ever. Below are some of the factors you need to pay attention to:

Choice of your destination

Do not take lightly the choice of your destination. This is important in giving you the best stag weekend ever. You can consider Budapest for this upcoming event.

Budapest Stag do activities will go along way to spicing up your event and you definitely should  capitalize on them for an amazing experience.

Incorporate some Love treats

Welcome some love treats with open arms, because they can contribute to some great fun at your party. Thought of pleasure toys at your party sound crazy but they will make a difference for creating a remarkable Stag event.

Do not turn them away when your friend shows up with them. Instead, receive these gifts with a lot of appreciation. That is the mandate of every Stag party.

Hire a competent Stag manager

You will need to plan well for this event for it to be a success. To help you with this function, you can hire a Stag manager. He/she should be a professional with a rare feat in planning for Stag parties.

The manager will enlighten you on the most viable activities and venue for your stag party. Furthermore, he will suggest to you the right choice of drinks, music, food among other essentials. So, consider having such labor on board.

Find sufficient accommodation facilities

Treat your visitors to comfortable and peaceful accommodation facilities. This will be a sign of concern and love for them. If you decide on Budapest as your Stag weekend destination, purpose to look for some accommodation facilities. The accommodation centers should have quality social amenities to be used by all guests.

This will ensure every person gets enough rest after the party. They will then wake up psyched up for the next day’s events. Doing so will not only make your Stag party stand out but also give you an amazing reputation. In short be concerned about every person you invite into this event.

Suggest interesting Stag Do activities

Your choice of stag activities should be excellent. Come up with interesting stag ideas that benefit every person. It can be dancing, day trips, tours, cocktail making, bicycle racing and many more.

Every individual should find fun in engaging in such activities. They go a long way in getting rid of boredom during the Stag weekend. Be very careful about the activities you suggest.


Having an outstanding Stag weekend calls for utter responsibility. You will need to go an extra mile in terms of planning for this event. Fortunately, the end result is a happy Stag function full of fun.

The 6 garments no girl should wear on prom night (and the ones they should)

The 6 garments no girl should wear on prom night

Women have a love/hate relationship with fashion, we love it, but many times we don’t know how to dress for each occasion, an obvious example is the prom party; for the daily-routine outfits are one thing, but the last party to finish the school years is a unique event that requires glamor and style. Consider these Jovani gowns tips on the prom dresses designs that could make the difference between being the “forgettable” girl on a tagged photo and the school’s prom queen.

1. Shirt Dresses: Even though the party will be held “outdoors,” it doesn’t mean that the dress code is now casual. The beach type or fabric comes-off as cheap, and are not used as party dresses if you want to leave a good impression and have a beautiful memory for the years to come; avoid shirt-type pieces an instead, choose a gown with a profound or halter neckline. Your classmates and friends are going to love you.

2. Sweaters or sweatshirts: Sportswear and sweaters are banned from this event, even in “small amounts” or if you are cold and your dress doesn’t have sleeves. Think about your Instagram feed and the pictures on Pinterest, do you want to be the girl with the sweatshirt on prom? I don’t think so.

3. Any garment that exposes your support: There is nothing wrong with bras, all girls use them. However, no matter how “casual” a party becomes, it is best to go for the classy approach. You will look much prettier and confident of yourself by being able to choose a bra to match the dress cut.

4. Avoid leopard prints: Unless you’re going to a safari-themed prom party, the animal print dresses are probably the worst fashion choices you can make. Prom night is all about you being sophisticated, and a leopard print pattern breaks with that dynamic. Remember the golden rule of elegance: “less is more.”

5. Flip-flops: The prohibited footwear in a formal event is the flip-flops that we all use for the beach, or worse, to get out of the shower. However, no girl is forced to wear heels at a party if she doesn’t want to; Cute sandals with stylish details that cover your toes are a good idea, especially since you are planning to dance the night away.

6. Over-the-top details: Exaggerating your sexy side for a party it’s a sign of lack of good taste, besides being disrespectful to your institution and also reputation. We believe that you will find other elements of sensuality much more appropriate for such a formal event; You can choose fabrics in designs with naked illusions that have a thin skin-colored fabric to cover the area.

Now that the kind of prom dresses you should not use have become clear let’s move on with the most elegant models that are going to make you look like a movie star on a red carpet. For this, we have inspired in Prom Trends 2018 by Forsyth Family Magazine and the latest JVNby Jovani prom dresses collection.

Satin designs: From the long models to the short sexy ones, the satin prom dresses provide a stylish vibe that combines formality with sensuality and youthful spirit.

Lace: These prom dresses are elegant par excellence, great to carry out during the morning ceremony and feel fresh under the toga. Also, they give you the freedom of movement you need for the dance floor.

Silhouette Garments: In love and prom, everything goes. Party dresses that bring elements such as a corset or siren cut are ideal for those girls who want to highlight a curvy figure and be proud of it.

Chic necklines: The truth is that there are all kinds of necklines when it comes to putting together your look for this particular date. If you want you and your friends to catch all the glimpses and praise, you can use pronounced necklines in the back or an embroidered V neckline. For example, find the Black Embellished Bodice Chiffon Prom Dress by JVN.

Pastel Colors: When it comes to colors, pastel tones are spectacular to wear at the ceremony. A recommendation for girls with a more minimalist fashion is to make sure it is subtle by combining them with accessories in black.

Beauty Diaries: Why Everyone Love Hair Extensions?

Beauty Diaries: Why Everyone Love Hair Extensions

Long, silky, gorgeous hair has always been a look that never goes out of trend. We often see A-listers flaunt their lengthy locks. However, not everyone can have long, shiny hair, and most use hair extensions to picture a head turner, attractive long hair.  Human hair extensions are so more popular, that its a must have product for hair salons.

Let’s find out why hair extensions have been so fashionable and gaining the crowd’s attention right now?

Transform Your Style in No Time

Probably the best characteristic of hair extensions is that they can instantly change your hair style anytime you want. Everybody is aware how long and frustrating growing hair can be. Naturally, our hair grows around 1 cm each month. If you are aiming to have long locks, waiting for your hair to grow naturally can be frustrating. It can even be longer for some, imagine having a short haircut that doesn’t seem to fit you. You don’t have any other choice but to go with hair extensions.

Of all hair enhancements, many usually take a little bit of time to see results like using products to boost hair growth, conditioning, keratin and a lot more. With hair extensions, it allows you to enjoy your new hair makeover look immediately and get confidence boost right away. The possibilities are endless with hair extensions, and this is also the reason why hair salons are going crazy about having enough supplies of best hair extensions Australia.


In addition, another awesome thing in wearing hair extensions is that they are so versatile and enables you to style your hair in any way you want. You can wear your favorite hairstyle without being noticed that you are wearing hair extensions. What is it not to like about this fashion must-haves?

Easily Available and Affordable

One can spend days, weeks or months for a special occasion, and it can be years for some! Only to find out that your hair is still not what you’ve imagined on the day of the event. That’s not a dilemma anymore with the help of hair extensions! The best thing is you can easily find it anywhere, usually through online or your favorite beauty salons. If you are thinking that getting hair extensions are costly, well it could be if you don’t do your research. But, hair extensions have been amazingly affordable that you can even browse online and find the best deals. Some companies offer the convenience of free shipping, return and discounts for bulk orders. So what are you waiting for, make sure to get your own set of human hair extensions now?

Final Thoughts

Whether you are an individual trying to have a gorgeous hair overnight or a salon that wants to create a name in regards to beauty enhancements – Going with hair extensions is always the best option. Just make sure you have the right hair extensions to do the trick!

If you are looking for hair extension wholesale suppliers Australia, make sure to go with companies that have a proven reputation in the industry. Like Missylox, they supply the best hair extensions Australia in the most affordable price possible.

Military Prints – Your Perfect Choice to Look Stylish

Military Prints - Your Perfect Choice to Look Stylish

The popularity of the military print outfits is increasing day by day.  From models to Bollywood celebrities everyone these days prefer military prints to look more fashionable. Military print jackets, shirts, t-shirts, pants what not both men and women are trying them crazily. Do try military print outfits this season to look more unique and stylish.

If you are looking for a more casual outfit to wear while going out during summer then you cannot find anything better than military print outfits. Military print sneakers are also available these days. Do try this fresh collection today to look more unique.

Military Print Accessories

You can always try military print accessories like clutches, bags, belts etc when you wear plain tees with jeans. No doubt, people around will definitely compliment you for your fashion sense by trying this combination. There are few stores that offer military print scarves. Moreover, you need not worry about your budget at all as there are many stores online that are offering them at a pocket friendly price.

Military Print Shirts

A black trouser with a military print t-shirt or shirt looks excellent on women. You will definitely look sexy in this crazy outfit combination. Try some trendy eye shades with this outfit combination to look more fashionable.

Military Print Trousers

These trousers are all time favourite of many men and women. This is something that you should definitely add to your wardrobe. Choose some good military print shorts or trousers and try them with solid t-shirts to look stylish this summer. Wearing flip-flops with this outfit combination can take your overall look to the next level.

Military Print Jackets

You can try a military print jacket with a plain tee and jeans to look outstanding. You can try this combination while going for shopping or outing with your friends. A lot of B-town celebrities love this crazy combination. Ankle length shoes looks great with military print jackets.

Military Print Dresses

Sleeveless military print one-piece dresses also look cool on women. Try point heels with military print dresses to look fabulous in any party.

If you are planning to buy military print accessories or outfits then your perfect choice would be online shopping. The main benefit of online shopping is that you can do your shopping sitting in the comfort of your home or office at any time. Moreover, you will also have more options on the online stores when compared to your local stores. However, not all brands offer good quality outfits. Hence, you have to be really careful while buying outfits from any store.

As most of the popular clothing brands have their websites online you could visit them to check their collection as well as customer reviews. Choose a brand that is top rated by the customers if you want to buy good quality clothes at an affordable price.

Visit this site  to buy high quality, stylish accessories and outfits at an affordable price!

Guide to Choose a Perfect Halloween Costume

Guide to Choose a Perfect Halloween Costume

Have you decided which costumes to buy for this Halloween holidays? With so many options, we know that you it is hard for you to make up your mind. Still, Halloween is less than two month away, you don’t have to be pressure because we are here to help you choose the best Halloween costumes for your interests.

First, think of your special interests. What do you like to do in those day? You should make a list of the things that you enjoy to do such as cooking, reading, playing games, dressing up, etc. If you like watching spiderman, why dont you be a famous spiderman characters? If you are a big fan of TV show, dress up as one of the characters you like is a good idea. If you love animals or cooking, then dress up as your favorite pet or dessert, fruits, etc. Match the list of options to the items you have available, be creative and be unique.

Next, think of the colors you normally wear. If you like bright colors think of fairies, rainbows, pumpkins, elves, etc. If you always wear white, you probably do not want to be a witch, although a long nose witch could be a good option. If you like dark colors, you can think of vampires, evil geniuses, ghosts, skeletons, or even maleficent etc. However, you can be unique and feel free to mix and match, as it’s Halloween and anything goes.

Besides, pay attention to your budget. There are a lot of collections of Halloween costumes which can range from cheap to very expensive, so it is very important to note down what you’d like to spend. When you choose and decide to buy, you should check to see what’s included in the costumes, such as add-ons or assessories. A costume may contain a hat, wig, shirt, pants, and belt. You can even get the cheaper price for each single item. If you have a tight budget, you should look for off sales. Just check on the internet to see whether there are any upcoming sales on Halloween costumes or not.

When choosing your own Halloween costumes style, you should think about your personality and what you wear on a daily basis that makes you feel comfortable for the most. This is the easiest way to help you to think of Halloween costumes right away. You can pair your costumes with something a little more unique and exciting depending on your creativity. We believe that you will be the cutest person as ever in the world.

What type of real fur should you buy?

What type of real fur should you buy

A real fur coat will give you unmatched flexibility in your closet. So for what reason would it be a good idea for you to purchase a real fur coat rather than the fake one? While some may purchase the fake one because of the price difference, but it is advised to know the difference between a real fur and a fake fur and what fur best suits your personality and is long lasting.

Real fur is environmentally responsible. From family owned fur farms to local boutiques, real fur is a renewable asset. Fake fur requires non-sustainable materials, for example, plastics and nylon. When you throw away a fake fur coat, it doesn’t naturally decompose. Then again, real fur coat can naturally biodegrade after only one year. Also, the fake fur doesn’t have a long lasting use whereas a real fur jacket can be restyled accordingly to match modern fashion styles.

Cultures from around the globe have been fusing real fur into the daily lives of the people for a considerable length of time. In the starting of the twentieth century, fake furs are made of synthetic materials and chemicals. Expressions like ‘faux’ were fabricated to mimic the certifiable quality of fur.

A real fox fur vest means not compromising with quality. From small Midwest furriers to the high fashion shows in Paris, real fur means you have the best quality fur coats.

The type of real fur coat you should buy

Mink is a standout among the most prominent and looked for after furs, ranked the best along with chinchilla and sable. A mink coat gives the wearer a rich exquisite look. Think about the Old Hollywood movies. White mink coat were a specific most loved of stars like Marilyn Monroe and Margaret Lockwood.

Mink coat is the best decision for both male and female of all ages. It is presently utilized for latest styles for a lavish, long fur coats. Mink is an individual from the weasel family, and keeping in mind that they can be found in the wild all throughout North America, they are farmed at the ranches. Farmed mink takes into account exact reproducing, prompting a more advantageous pelt.

Female mink are smaller which normally implies more pelts are important to make a coat. In any case, female minks are broadly known for their richly lightweight wear. Male mink pelts still hold significant esteem on the grounds that their thick pelts can be colored and changed more effectively than female mink. Both male and female mink hide is an awesome decision for a fur coat. Although they are light and delicate, mink is shockingly warm and sturdy, lasts long with appropriate care.

How to Prevent Damage to Curly Hair

How to Prevent Damage to Curly Hair

Having curly hair is a challenge to maintain with disappointing products offered by mainstream hair stores. With harsh ingredients and products that do not treat curls with care, many hair products will end up damaging your hair rather than maintaining its health. The best product for naturally curly hair will not strip the hair of nutrients and moisture, but rather supply it with both. 

With black hair care products, you can have products that you trust to treat your natural curls without damage. Andre Walker Hair products contain top quality ingredients that will nourish your natural curls and kinks while healing split ends and breakage. If you want stronger, healthier hair – trust Andre Walker Hair products to treat your hair without unnecessarily harsh ingredients that will damage your hair in the long run. 

Hair products should be able to treat each hair type without causing damage. If you are using the wrong shampoo or conditioner, which many people often do, you may unknowingly be doing damage to your hair. Whether you have straight, wavy, curly or kinky hair each hair type needs a different care system in order to maintain its health.

With Andre Walker Hair, each hair group, whether straight, curly, or kinky has multiple types. Follow the hair type chart to find your exact hair type and get the hair treatment that is specifically made for you. No more using generic shampoos that claim to treat all hair types! Each type is different and needs specific treatments or you will end up damaging your hair. If your hair is kinky, you will follow the kinky hair products for your type. This way, you will always have a hair treatment that delivers results, without disappointment!


Flower Play: The Kerry Parker way

Flower Play The Kerry Parker way

Fashion’s on-going love affair with floral prints, continues to gain popularity over the years. Fashionistas’ never-ending adoration for floral and verdant patterns encourage the industry to broaden its horizon. In addition to floral pattern’s association with spring and summer, the fashion industry has been bold, experimental and accepting enough to extend its floral fondness to all the seasons. From bright miniskirts, summer dresses, sunglasses, blouses, rompers, swimwear to floral fishnet stockings, padded bralettes and statement belts, it has made its mark on every important fashion article that one can think of.

 Florals can be taken to be a universal symbol for femininity. They have been so prevalent in the industry that it is hard to think of a time when florals were not being used by designers to give life to their art. Those divas who are rather experimental can pair a nice floral blouse with a cute mini-skirt, or pull off a floral blazer worn on a plain white tee and pair them with casual leggings.

Fishnet stockings. You either love them or think of them as a tad bit too controversial for your taste. It’s also entirely possible that these kinds of tights never made an impression on your personal style because earlier they were just so plain sailing.  But there is no denying that they have made a major comeback. A great way to try out the flower dressing trend is to experiment with fishnet stockings. This is the most unexpectedly beautiful thing that one could have done to fishnets. It’s a delicate task, adorning these fishnets with handcrafted flowers, stones and pearls and that is why there aren’t many brands doing it. The rebirth of fishnets has given flower dressing a new meaning altogether. Even a boring dress with simple cuts and an ordinary neckline can be made party ready with a pair of perfect fishnets. Elevate a cutesy pair of flats for a complimentary spin of gracefulness fused with grit.

Floral pattern has evolved over the years. For people who think that floral patterns are not their thing, can always buy a pair of cute sneakers with subtle floral prints. Take a padded bralette and perhaps pair it with a pair of shorts and a sensible hat. You are beach ready. The key to floral dressing lies in picking out the right combination and balancing the patterns out. A padded bralette is just a crop top that decided to be more risqué and fun.

If you go for the floral fantasy padded bralette be sure to match it with something relatively simple. Remember if you wear anything heavily embellished beneath it then you might make a fashion blunder. The piece in itself is a masterpiece, it should be kept as the focus of your outfit.

Floral dressing, can sometimes be overwhelming to certain people. The bright colours, unless, balanced out and worn right, can often turn out to be fashion disasters. For people who’d like to keep their wardrobe simple, small floral patterns on the casual jeans or cute thin patterns embroidered on the shorts’ pockets can make heads turn. Let’s just say that when it comes to Flower Play, there is something suitable for everyone.

Fashion 2019: Mystery Shopping

Fashion 2019 Mystery Shopping

Have you heard of experts’ buying different products as if they were ordinary customers? Today I’d like to tell a story of my experience of purchasing goods from Cattifly. This online store presents various types of women’s clothes. My task was to shop something complying with the fashion trends 2018.

First I ordered a Marzio top on Cattifly. I fell in love with the model as soon as I saw it on the catalogue of the shop. It’s an ideal solution for both formal and informal occasions. As far as experts claim, business-style clothes are extremely popular this year. Marzio top can be a part of an elegant, pretty conservative suite, as well as a great option for a crazy party. The simple design of the top bought on Cattifly, makes me feel comfortable and unbelievably attractive. And have you seen the cut on the back? It’s impossible not to look at it. Pure aesthetic meditation.

Next time I decided to get a Vadena dress from Cattifly. I like everything reminding me of Italy and Spain. And the dress is exactly what I prefer. The super feminine open-shouldered construction, breathable material, a deep side split… What can be better? Even the world famous clothing designers are fond of such watercolor-inspired prints and flattering cuts.

My third purchase on Cattifly was a Taio jumpsuit. Yes, I was delighted to know jumpsuits are on the list of must-haves in 2018 and dared to order the model. The wide-leg design of the black Taio dress I’ve got quite soon complied with another popular fashion trend of the year. I liked everything about the chosen item. It was tested at a job interview (combined with a suede jacket), my grandma’s B-day and at my bestie’s engagement party. The more places I visited in the Taio jumpsuit from Cattifly, the more excited reactions it caused.

That’s why I also made my fourth order from Cattifly. This time it was a Fiorana dress. I needed a new one for my autumn-winter wardrobe. And this amazing alternative seemed more than nice. First of all, knitted clothes appear in the reports of the world-known fashion houses again and again in 2018. In addition, this dress from Cattifly is of the red palette. And the color is considered very stylish at the moment. Moreover, I always freeze in autumn and winter. So a knitted dress was a true magic wand. It helped to make me feel warm and graceful simultaneously.

What comes to delivery of the goods from Cattifly? Honestly, there is nothing special about the service. The girls from the support center of the store helped to precise the range of the goods I needed. Making orders on Cattifly took a few minutes. All the items came on time, of the needed size and color. They looked exactly as on the catalogue of the shop. The only thing I really wanted as soon as I got them was to try the clothes on. The quality of the products ordered from Cattifly is more than just good. There is no need to say too much except the fact I’ll definitely order more cute things for my wardrobe there. Oh, right, and shipping is also free on Cattifly. Another pleasant bonus.

Am I satisfied with the shopping experience on Cattifly? Without any doubt. Will I recommend the store to my friends? Eagerly. Is it possible to buy high-quality goods without paying too much there? Yes, it is. For example, the top and dresses I chose costed approximately 40 USD each. That’s why I think it’s good when we share our reviews with others. This way we can get a lot of useful contacts already tested by someone else.