John Robert Powers - The Importance of Being Yourself in The Acting and Modeling World

John Robert Powers – The Importance of Being Yourself in The Acting and Modeling World

In order to make it big in the acting and modeling world, you need to stop imitating your favorite celebrities and focus on being yourself. This is the first step to creating everlasting expressions. Simply having good looks and some talent will not help you to get through interviews by casting directors. You should have that unique spark that reflects you are different from the rest- this begins with being yourself first!

John Robert Powers – keep it simple

John Robert Powers is an iconic acting and modeling training school famous since 1923. It is a leading name in Chicago and New York and one of the best in the world. Students from this school have posted positive reviews of how the training professionals have touched their lives and given them a bright future. Founded by John Robert Powers in 1923 who never believed anyone is unattractive, this school still follows his motto and believes that everyone is unique and special in their own way. This helps them to stand out in the crowd and create the right impressions that last.

Having the right approach and attitude towards the entertainment industry

When you are going in for a “go-see” or an interview for modeling or acting, experts say you should keep it simple. The attire should be comfortable so that casting directors are able to see your actual weight and height. A pair of jeans, a simple tank top and ballerina shoes are ideal for women who want to create the right impressions in the entertainment world. As for make-up, it should be neutral and simple. These are some of the basic guidelines given to aspirants that want to make it big in the acting and modeling world. The trainers at this school pay individual attention to all their students so that they are able to hone their innate qualities and present the best versions of themselves at every call.

The right attitude is crucial when it comes to creating positive impressions. It is obvious that casting directors will notice you are nervous; however, you should take a deep breath and focus on being natural, confident and versatile when you face your casting director and team. Staying calm and settled means you are able to manage stress and work under pressure. This in turns strikes the right chords with the casting director and helps you gain the competitive edge in the industry not only for the “go-see” but for your subsequent years in the acting and modeling industry as well.

The John Robert Powers programs are created and designed to help you discover what your true potential is. They do away with the misconception that looks are your golden key to the acting and modeling industry. This Company has groomed names like Jackie Kennedy, Josh Duhamel, Henry Fonda, Princess Grace of Monaco, Raquel Welch, Diana Ross and many more iconic celebrities in the political and entertainment industry. Each of them has been taught to be themselves and thanks to this belief they are revered with respect and pride till date!

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